Tow Truck Service From $60.00

repair shop


If so, you appreciate the value each individual customer brings to your business, and how critical customer retention is.  

Discount Towing shares this same value, if your shop offers free or discounted towing as incentive to attract or retain customers, or you refer a particular towing provider and you are not certain they understand the value of good service, give us a try.

We can save your customer money, keep in mind towing a vehicle to your repair facility is part of their total cost of repair, the tow bill should be their last concern.

repair shop


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So what’s in it for you?

As a shop owner/manager your number one goal is customer satisfaction. Keeping all customer happy is an extremely difficult task, and lets face it, it just won’t happen.

Discount Towing will help you get closer to your goals of acquiring customer satisfaction.

Your Business Partners Are a Reflection on You, Therefore We Will Always Provide Quality Service at a  Reasonable Rate.

Please Give Us a Call, One Of Our Representatives Will Gladly Stop By Your Shop And Discuss The Benefits Of Working With Discount Towing.

Our rates and offers won’t resolve your every day challenges of owning or managing a repair shop, but creating a good business relationship and keeping money in your customers wallet is out way of helping you achieve Happy Customers!!